RacMet Padel Cup 2022


Raccorderie Metalliche always supported and believed in the values of sport such as team spirit.
The RacMet Padel Cup tournament was organized to create an opportunity to meet with the Raccorderie Metalliche customers and their employees. 
Together we are a team!
Guido Ceccardi - Vice President of Raccorderie Metalliche
Today we organized the 1st RacMet Padel Tournament.
It was a new initiative designed with Isabella and Rachel whom I thank very much for the valuable organizational support that as always they provided.
The event was intended to be an additional moment of closeness to our customers.
We had a large participation but above all satisfaction from those who played.
It is also necessary to thank Andrea Belfiori who wanted to play by my side with an important result and also thank LaCucina who decided to brighten up lunch at the end of the competition.
A thank you also to Franco Placchi, patron of this beautiful centre supporting the organisation of the event.

Mauro Balbo - Area Manager Commerciale Veneta Beltrame
We welcomed this initiative very much, the first one where I participate with one of our suppliers, and it was really very well organised.
Andrea Setti - Area Manager Svai
We are here on this beautiful Sunday of celebration, of sport thanks to the pleasant invitation of RacMet in the person of Paolo Megarese. The tournament went well, we took it home, but the important thing was to attend and follow the event from start to finish.
Claudio Peroni - General Manager Energenius
I also thank you for the invitation, I had a lot of fun and I must say that it is nice to give a face to the people with whom sometimes we deal with business. Being here in a different context, much more relaxed and pleasant was really a beautiful idea so propose it again that I find it absolutely positive.
Andrea Belfiori Fanti - Founder Siglacom
An honour and a pleasure being at the side of Guido: el gato de la rete. Nice experience, nice people.
Luca Zamboni - Owner Restaurants Laboratorio and LaCucina
With Guido and Raccorderie Metalliche it is now a consolidated partnership, they called us today to cater for the players and families. As always and with great pleasure, we accepted the invitation and have done our best, I hope. In my opinion everything went very well, very satisfied people and now... we wait for the next one and we are very happy to always be in this group of high quality people.
Siglacom - Internet Partner