Brackets for pipe supports and fixing systemsThe best solution to make a Raccorderie Metalliche plant in workmanlike manner and entirely safe

Collars and fixing systems

Collars and fixing systems

The company production

Raccorderie Metalliche manufactures and distributes fixing systems for the civil and industrial sectors.

Raccorderie Metalliche developed products to solve the most frequent installation problems, in carbon galvanised steel and in stainless steel. From the experience acquired by Raccorderie Metalliche in the last decades, PratiKo was designed offering a range of collars and solution brackets to simplify the plant installation.
Collars and fixing systems

The product range

Inside the company catalogue, the product range in YELLOW includes:
  • profiles, angle bars, brackets, supports and supports for external units
  • bolts and dowels
  • adapters and clips
  • fixing collars to steel pipes, polyethylene pipes, rubber collars, copper collars (3/8’’ to 8’’)
Collars and fixing systems

The PratiKO range

The Pratiko range consists of pipe fixing collars and support brackets for fixtures, available in the epoxy-powder painted version.

The wide range of sizes for collars, from 3/8” to 8” is available in the PratiKo version as well. PratiKo products stand out for the release of the collar and the hinged screw/block. The rubber shaping provides for the piping perfect tightness, it prevents any risk as fir the rubber removal (often happens in the case of traditional collars), it complies with any noise criteria in case of draining plants and with the DIN4109 standard.
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