Our commitmentsPride, competence and reliability stand out among others

Our commitments

Passion to give the best

Concreteness, reliability and certainty of the result are the shared principles among the Raccorderie Metalliche employees.

An efficient organisation, a consolidated know-how and the commitment to enforce the best-in-class technologies lead to an economically-safe production: the company aims at its operations excellence, with due respect to people and the environment.


Our commitments

Attention paid to the development of people

We believe in the success of people, part of the company.

Raccorderie Metalliche consistently invest in people professional competences leading to the company success and keeps on hiring young people supporting the company commercial activity through their contribution in terms of energy and ideas, while promptly complying with streamlined markets. Raccorderie Metalliche enforced the ISO 45001:2018 standard as to define formal procedures to manage health and threats to the worker safety. A consistent management system to develop a safe and healthy working environment. It is important to involve and motivate people and at the same time prove suppliers and customers the company compliance with international standards.
Our commitments

The respect for the environment

The company strongly believes in the environmental protection as a main driver for continuity.

Raccorderie Metalliche has been always managing its activities respecting the environment and public health as well. Activities have always been governed by the Environment management systems certified according to the ISO 14001. The investment and business strategies are driven by environmental sustainability, leading to an environmental-friendly growth through the enforcement of specific technologies and production methods leading - whenever operatively and economically sustainable - to the reduction, besides the limits imposed by the regulations in force as well - of the activity environmental impact while complying with any customer requirements in compliance with the reference international regulations.
Our commitments

The company liability

We believe in quality as the real driver of continuous improvement.

Since 1994,  when the company got the ISO 9001 certification, Raccorderie Metalliche enforced procedures, within its organisation, leading to the reduction of wastes, being more competitive and creating new added value for customers. Thus the Company does its best to constantly improve and enforce controls on the quality of each single products, a leading attention consolidating the high company quality standards.
Our commitments

Social commitment

We are strongly convinced that the right people make the difference, the difference driving changes

That is the very reason why it is important that people take part to the company success, promoting potentials and commitment to the social sector, not a duty for Raccorderie Metalliche, but simply a matter of course. Raccorderie Metalliche has been always paying attention to the social sector, through setting and fuelling the Welfare fund by the Fondazione della Comunità della Provincia di Mantova – Onlus. It furthermore supports Soc. Coop. La Quercia and Soc. Coop. La Stazione, volunteering companies committing to support and care for disabled people and their families.
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