Raccorderie Metalliche in the industrial sectorOften the most impressive work, even if hidden, shines the brightest



Leader in the plumbing and sanitation sector

For 50 years the company has been developing plant solutions for the sanitation and plumbing in the civil, industrial and naval sectors.

Since the company decided to consecrate its activity to the production of pressfitting systems to ease plumber’s activities our mission is to be the company that makes the difference. Raccorderie Metalliche is committed to the improvement of production processes and the search for perfection, in terms of results, in order to provide further developments on this always increasingly competitive and selective market.
The use of Raccorderie Metalliche products in the industrial sector is varied to comply with any requirement. Thanks to its experience and wide offer, the company covers the great majority of the applications in the civil sector:  from fluid transportation to plumbing and sanitation plants, from heating to cooling up to fire-fighting systems.

Why chose
Raccorderie Metalliche

The value of the product, besides the product.​
  • A 100% Italian product.
  • Certified systems all over the world.
  • A product offer that fully covers all installation requirements.
  • A technical team to support any installation and on-site training step.
  • An internal quality lab as to test materials thanks to the best-in-class technologies.
  • Training courses on the product use for the different applications.
  • A 14,000 square meter warehouse of available products 
  • A solution with an exceptional quality/price ratio
  • Availability of the products all over the world, through our customers-dealers.
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