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Steam plants

Steam plants

A fluid is under the saturated steam condition when there is a perfect balance between the liquid and the steam phase: the numbers of particles that from the liquid phase are transferred to the gas phase correspond to the number of particles condensing in the liquid.
The saturated steam is used in consistent quantities at the industrial level in the oil industry, laundries and ironing companies, food industries, sugar refining companies, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical-medical sector up to hospitals.
A branched and capillary distribution system asks for an innovating application solution, thus Raccorderie Metalliche developed its new Pressfitting system, in a material suitable for a similar application: stainless steel.
Steam plants


The Pressfitting pipe and connection system in steel linked with CrNiMo 1.4404 (AISI 316L).
The inoxPRES system is highly performing as it is made of AISI 316L, one of the best stainless steel alloys, tested and approved by the main International institutions.
The advantages for the pressing inoxPRES system, designed to build steam units:
  • Simple, easy and user-friendly assembly (efficient)
  • Rapid installation with a lower number of labour hours required
  • Safe and approved (guaranteed system)
  • No specialised labour required (no certification)
  • Safety and no use of open flames
The Inoxpres STEAM range with white o-ring can be used for saturated steam installations, maximum temperature, 165°C and maximum pressure 7 bars.

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