Nebulisation systems

Nebulisation plants

Nebulisation is the transformation of a liquid into small droplets, by passing the liquid through a very narrow orifice.
Nebulisation should not be confused with humidification: during the nebulisation process, the liquid does not change state, albeit small the droplets still have macroscopic dimensions in the liquid phase, without passing into a vapour state (humidification).
Nebulisation is used in various construction fields from civil and industrial installations to the livestock and farming sectors.
Installation environments often critical in terms of resistance to corrosion, for this reason Raccorderie Metalliche developed and certified its Prefitting system in the most suitable material for this kind of application : stainless steel.
Nebulisation plants


The Pressfitting system for pipes and fittings in bonded CrNiMo 1.4404 (AISI 316L) steel, Ø15 to Ø168 mm.
In nebulisation systems pipes with small diameter (Ø 12-15 mm) are usually used. The fittings are supplied with a black sealing ring made of EPDM, suitable and certified for contact with drinking water.
The components of the nebulisation are tested at a maximum working pressure of 70 bar, having passed acceptance tests at the test pressure of 120 bars.
Other technical characteristics of the components :
  • connectors for nebulizers have 10/24” threading in order to receive the corresponding nebulizers.
  • the most commonly used nebulizers have a nebulisation nozzle diameter equal to 20/30 μm.
  • the nozzle has an anti-drip system and a removable deflector for the cleaning of the orifice measuring 0.02 / 0.03 mm. For other required sizes consult Raccorderie Metalliche.

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The 22 issued certifications from the most important certification bodies prove the high quality of inoxPRES by Raccorderie Metalliche, offering designers and installers an easy-to-use, reliable and safe solution in case of the most difficult and complex applications as well.

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