A New Academy

Pier Luigi Ceccardi - President  Raccorderie Metalliche
The realization of our Academy represents a starting point and not the final goal. Here we want to take our best customers and our best installers to show them the technical ability that this company can have and had in the last 50 years.
The realization of this school, of this Academy, on 1500 square meters, is an investment in culture, an investment in the know-how of our past, present and future. This is our goal with the Academy.

Guido Ceccardi - Vice President Raccorderie Metalliche
This new training school, built just aside the main offices, is on an area of 5.000 sqm; out of them, 1.500 are dedicated to the trainings in our Academy. Moreover, this is also a school which will be used for the internal training, thanks to the support of our HR department, the training of our staff, the partnership with schools and universities and that’s why we are convinced it has multiple functions.
It will also be available for our main customers, to make them organise their board of directors meetings or to train their staff.

The Academy is a great opportunity as, just in 2019, we received 800 visitors; by these meetings, we can build loyalty with our customers, in our own premises. When customers enter our premises, we can establish and create much more deeper contacts.
Expectations about Academy are many; surely one of the most important is that who is coming to visit us can see in us, in the company, in the family, a living company, a company always willing to make new steps and still having plenty of projects to be developed for the next coming future; and then, seeing us as a reference, trustable to continue the cooperation or to start a new one, in a strong and complete way.

Isabella Lodi Rizzini - Marketing Manager Raccorderie Metalliche
RacMet Academy represents the continuous growth and the constant importance given to the trainings by the company: trainings to our staff, trainings to our customers, and to the customers of our customers.
RacMet Academy is developed on 2 floors: at the ground floor a large reception to welcome all our guests, an area dedicated to the trainings with more than 50 seats, a technical lab, always keeping the focus on the press fitting systems, and an area for leisure and relax.
The first floor is composed by offices, an area dedicated to meetings and a conference room with more than 150 seats.

RacMet Lab has a large wall of 17 meters splitting the room in two parts: on one side the history of Raccorderie Metalliche with the main stages of the growth of the company until our present, with the anniversary of 50 years of the company.
On the other side the technical features are shown. The idea has been to figure out the use of the systems as much close as possible to their applications in reality, with a strong aesthetic impact but keeping the main goal which is to explain the use of our systems.

In every room, in every area of our Academy our willing has been to show the values and the identity of our company, by taking care about all details. RacMet Academy is the result of an intensive work, that took several months with the owners and the whole staff of Raccorderie Metalliche.
Today, to Raccorderie Metalliche, is more and more important to satisfy people’s needs and, especially, to create an empathic relationship, that shall be deep and long lasting.
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