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Raccorderie Metalliche and heating plants

Raccorderie Metalliche developed its Pressfitting product suitable for heating plants in 4 different materials as to provide the best possible solution for designers and installers requirements. Open and closed loops, in domestic or aggressive environments, such as in case of some industrial processes, the Pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche will always provide the best possible solution to any requirement.
Raccorderie Metalliche and heating plants


It is the range of unbonded steel Pressfitting pipes and fittings available from Ø12 to Ø108 mm. Fittings are made in E195 (n. 1.0034) and galvanised.

For closed loop heating plants, a single range of products, externally galvanized in E220 (n. 1.0215). The pipes are longitudinally welded, bordered and calibrated. steelPRES by Raccorderie Metalliche matched with an externally galvanized pipe is rightfully used in closed loops, civil and industrial heating plants.   steelPRES fittings are pre-fitted EPDM O-Rings, a compound providing for the best possible performances:  PM16 maximum pressure, temperature ranging between -20/+120° C and quality in time.   The affordable price and the certified product quality by many international institutions make steelPRES the best possible product solution for a similar application.

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Raccorderie Metalliche and heating plants


The best proposal matching features of stainless steel and benefits of the Pressfitting system.

Raccorderie Metalliche developed its own bonded CrNiMo 1.4404 (AISI 316L) steel products,  Ø15 to Ø168 mm. As to supply designers and installers the best possible solution, inoxPRES fittings can be used with 5 different ranges of stainless steel pipes:
  • complete range in 1.4404 (AISI 316L) raw steel, available Ø15 to Ø168 mm
  • complete range in 1.4404 (AISI 316L)annealed steel, available Ø15 to Ø108 mm
  • complete range in 1.4521 (AISI 444) steel, available Ø15 to Ø54 mm
  • complete range in 1.4301 (AISI 304) steel, available Ø15 to Ø108 mm
  • complete range in 1.4301 (AISI 304) steel, reduced thickness, available Ø15 to Ø108 mm

The pipes are longitudinally welded, bordered and calibrated. Stainless steel high resistance to corrosion makes inoxPRES system by Raccorderie Metalliche the most suitable solution for thermal solar plants and circuits. At the civil and industrial level as well where processes and processing  can lead to aggressive and corrosive environments, such a material turns out to be the most suitable solution.
All inoxPRES fittings are pre-fitted EPDM O-Ring,  developed to be used  providing for the highest possible performances:, maximum pressure PN16, temperature ranges -20/+220° C and quality in time.
The 22 issued certifications from the most important certification bodies prove the high quality of inoxPRES by Raccorderie Metalliche, offering designers and installers an easy-to-use, reliable and safe solution in case of the most difficult and complex applications as well.

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Raccorderie Metalliche and heating plants


In DHP 99.9 (CW024A) copper and CuSn5Zn5Pb2 (CC449K) bronze, it is the pressfitting range, from Ø12 to Ø54 mm offered by Raccorderie Metalliche.

Copper is a noble material renowned for its bacterial-static features, inhibiting bacterial proliferation and for its high corrosion resistance. aesPRES joints by Raccorderie Metalliche pre-fitted with an EPDM O-Ring, underwent and passed tests for the 4 main European certifications. Certified pressure accounts for PN16 and the O-Ring compound stands operating temperatures varying from -20 to +120° C.

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Raccorderie Metalliche and heating plants


The range of pressfitting pipes and fittings, Ø15 to Ø108 mm by Raccorderie Metalliche in copper/nickel 90/10 CuNi10Fe1.6Mn alloy

The marinePRES product range is suitable for any heating plants and circuits, open and close loops and it represents the best possible solution when the material intrinsic corrosion-proof features are required to assemble the plant. The use of marinePRES by Raccorderie Metalliche is suitable in general for applications in saline and corrosive media, as in time it proved to be extremely reliable. All marinePRES fittings are pre-fitted with a green O-Ring in FKM, providing for an operating use range from -20/+220°C and a maximum pressure accounting for 16bar.   marinePRES offers a solution suitable to the most aggressive applications with the highest quality and safety standards.

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