OrganisationA company consisting of 300 people, everyday committed to the company mission


A family as a guarantee of continuity

A long-lived company strategy.

Pier Luigi Ceccardi

President and Managing director
In the company since 1970.

Accountant and previous experience by the Edison Group and Fargas.
He set up Raccorderie Metalliche in 1970 turning to its driver and inspirer. Besides committed to support Raccorderie Metalliche growth in time, Pier Luigi Ceccardi will be liable for many public and private activities, as member of the Board of directors of many institutions and companies.
Cavaliere del Lavoro and President of Federmeccanica, Pier Luigi Ceccardi is a real reference in the Italian sector.

Guido Ceccardi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
In the company since 1982.

Master in Business Administration by the CUOA Business School in Altavilla Vicentina.
He started in 1982 as sale manager and in time he was liable for many different activities ad at present he is the company CEO.

Antonella Ceccardi

Head of International Procurement.
In the company since 1983.

She entered the company in 1983 as Customer Care. She was liable for many different activities in the purchasing department and at present since 1994 she is Head of international procurement.
Antonella Ceccardi is a member of the company Board of directors.

Giovanni Mironi

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
In the company since 1996.

Degree in Business administration by the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. He entered the company in 1996, as Administration manager. In 2001, he was appointed Company finance manager and in 2013 Chief Financial Officer.

Guido Ferrari

Chief Industrial Officer (CIO)
In the company since 2021.

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Padua. Selected as one of the 12 mechanical engineers in Italy to be able to work as a technical officer in the army to support the most technical and managerial activities. A professional experience obtained in the defence industry and in the plumbing and heating sector covering different roles, with increased skills in the field of quality, commercial and production. 
He joined Raccorderie Metalliche in June 2021, liable for the industrial area dealing with production and logistics.

Luciano Provasi

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
In the company since 2016.

Luciano Provasi has a long-lasting experience in the human resource management with company in the building and metal working sector. He started in January 2016, liable for human resource management.
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