The CompanyRaccorderie Metalliche is one of the leading companies at the world-wide level as for the production of pressfittings

Who we are

Who we are


A challenge to meet, a new challenge to win.

Pier Luigi Ceccardi has always been an entrepreneur, a man looking for challenges. Born in 1939, son of Guido and Bruni, accountant and with a long experience in the Edison Group. In 1969, after marrying Rossana and the birth of his two son, Guido and Antonella,  it was about time for a turning point in his life. The young and promising Fargas seller - the well-known heat manufacturer, was at a crossroad, a decision had to be taken with a bead of sweat tickling down your back while keeping you awake at night. Benito suggested him to become self-employed, to become a real dealer, an entrepreneur. Safety coming from a successful company or the unknown to be successful each single day risking on his own back, which one to choose? Fargas revenue was consistent, especially the commissions gained, but the idea to become an entrepreneur was gaining a foothold, a new challenge to meet, a new challenge to win. As days passed, it was clearer what his final decision was: set up a leading international company, within the sector, the most important company, offering the best-in-class products and excellent service.
He did not know where and how to start, but he was lucky enough as he knew the most important Italian wholesalers. In time he travelled around the world and established and maintain confidence, loyalty and mutual esteem.

In 1970, in a small factory next to Levata, Raccorderie Metalliche was set up, starting from the sales of galvanized joints and welded elbows. The company received the most important order on July 1st, the same year: Rosanna, the young Guido, an employee from Fargas and Benito were working day and night to set up the order and deliver within the defined terms. Everything was smooth as agreed as to get the first money to instil trust and confidence in the company. Quite rapidly the product range was supplemented by a small customized production which in time would have been widened, to comply with any installation and fitting problems in the sanitation and heating sector. Raccorderie Metalliche proved to be able to comply with any market trend and Pier Luigi seized an important change and step forward that with characterise the company present and growth with future successes. In 1998, investments started in pressfittings. Raccorderie Metalliche kept on working as to drive the development of innovating solutions: consistent and constant investments at the production and product level, which together with the availability of 5,000 products, allows the company to be ranked among the leading companies in the sanitation and plumbing sector in Europe. Pier Luigi’s dream in time came true. There is still a lot do to, but looking back to what has been done, he finally managed to provide 300 families a hope for the future, making him extremely proud.
Who we are

A company supporting installers

The company mission: improve the quality of the installer activity.

Improvement means: less time, safer performance, maximum yield. That is the company mission at the civil, industrial and naval level. The company strongly believes in the professional growth of installers and it defined modes to ease their growth. Since the beginning, the company supported 5 million installers all over the world, and we are working to double our market share by 2025.  
The idea to set up Raccorderie Metalliche dates back to 1970 as in the specific sector of nozzles, barrels and sleeves there was not a specialized company. There were simply handicraft manufacturers covering provincial or better regional markets. The company was set up to manufacture good products with a low technological content to be sold all over Italy and abroad as well.
I am strongly convinced that the most important factor we always profited from in time was the complete and total company commitment, a serious approach to the customer and to its manufacturing activity, the co-partnership of the workers to our commitment and mainly the image of a company intending to sell a service, a quality product and its excellence as well.
Raccorderie Metalliche was set up in 1970 and started manufacturing carbon steel joints, mainly welding elbows, nozzles, barrels and sleeves.
In time fittings were supplemented to the company product range, more precisely collars for pipes. In 1999 the company production increased thanks to the offer of pressfittings. The pressfittings are at present available in four different models and materials: stainless steel under the brand inoxpres, carbon galvanised steel under the brand steelpres, copper under the brand aespres, and Cupro Nickel under the brand MarinePres.

We always tried in time to focus on the company activity, never attracted or distracted by different activities such as the real estate or the financial sectors. The company in fact concentrated on manufacturing good quality joints to be exported all over the world.
Excellence was Raccorderie focus, followed by excellent products, services, inspired by the best in the sector and not our competitors considering that tap and heater manufacturers are not really competitors but anybody developing in time a high confidence relationship with its customers. We were inspired by such unique examples.

The Commercial department intends to consolidate the past results, mainly in Italy but abroad as well. In fact the company intends to further develop all the markets accessed in 2016, such as the United States and China where Raccorderie sold in 2016 more than 1 million Euro.
Raccorderie Metalliche is inspired by good values to be transferred to its customers and the market as well: first of all a constant research in terms of research and development, a strong attention paid to innovation and quality, a constant training by our Academy, a prompt and efficient logistic service and an important customer care support to our customers.
I am strongly convinced that the company will furthermore grow in future, thanks to its solid foundations, its consistent technological expertise, a continuous research for product and process innovation and therefore I am strongly convinced of the company excellent future development.
Raccorderie Metalliche is willing to remain a market leader and a reference for wholesalers, as it happened in the last 47 years. We will keep on working with the same focus standing out as an excellent company as we did up to now.

Different stages of the company growth

The story of the company growth, through pride, passion and enthusiasm. Here are the main steps.

Raccorderie Metalliche was finally set up

Pier Luigi Ceccardi founded Raccorderie Metalliche as company committed to sale galvanized fittings and steel elbows for the plumbing and sanitation installations. After a short time period, the initial production of elbows, couplings, supports, collars, plugs for radiators was launched.

International development

The commercial network already covering the National territory, the company finally successfully entered the foreign markets which in a few years will represent 40% of the company turnover.

A significant growth of industrial production 

Raccorderie Metalliche doubled its production and widens its product range. The consistent commitment in terms of investments in best-in-class and automated plants and installations drove the company further commercial growth. The company was already hiring at the time 130 people.

Raccorderie Metalliche, leader in the press fitting production

Raccorderie Metalliche started manufacturing stainless steel press fittings, becoming a leader in Italy.

The growth continued

Raccorderie Metalliche was awarded the ISO 9002 certification by D.N.V. – certificate n. CSQ 3010 317 IT.  The new clamp “PRATIKO” in the normal and noise version is introduced on the market. What is more the company consolidated its position in Europe, with 40% exported volumes.

InoxPRES S.A. was set up to follow the Spanish and Portuguese market

Raccorderie Metalliche set up in Spain the company InoxPRES S.A. distributing stainless steel fittings on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Press fittings production launched

Raccorderie Metalliche started manufacturing press fittings and gets the  DVGW certification. In the year 2000 the company supplemented its product range inoxPRES up to ø 54 and gets the CSTB - ETA - SVGW - SITAC – WRAS certification. The press fitting systems will become in time the company core business.

RM Pressfitting GmbH set up as to better follow the European markets: Germany

Raccorderie Metalliche widened its factories and consolidated its presence and promotion of press fittings inoxPRES and steelPRES in Germany through the newly-set company RM Pressfitting GmbH.

Robotisation to increase competitivity and performance

Raccorderie Metalliche consistently invested in the production process automation: more than 10 million euro in technologies thus becoming a market leader.

Development and production of the DRAIN draining systems

Raccorderie Metalliche started manufacturing and sale stainless steel draining systems (DRAIN) to offer new production solutions to the plumbing and sanitation sector.

Raccorderie Metalliche patented the new T weld-free press fit in carbon steel

Raccorderie Metalliche patented the first T press fit in carbon steel with no welds.

Raccorderie Metalliche leader in the plumbing and sanitation on board

Raccorderie Metalliche celebrated its first 45 years of activities starting to provide products thanks to its experience  and acquire competences to the naval sector, as the stile market operators to offer Press fitting, DRAIN and fitting systems.

At present the company offers 5 different product lines:
  • Pressfitting systems
  • Waste systems
  • Welding and threaded fittings
  • Plugs and accessories

Widening of inoxPRES range

Raccorderie Metalliche started manufacturing and sale a new, wider range of press fittings, i.e. the OVERSIZE in AISI 316L, which includes diameters 139 and 168 mm.

20 years of pressfitting and a new specific project

Pressfitting systems are nowadays Raccorderie Metalliche’s core business. We celebrate 20 years of pressfitting. Our first production dates back to 1999. To greatly value this important goal, we have developed our
BIM (Building Information Modeling) model: it consists of a practical, flexible, innovative, highly professional technology aimed to determine plants for our pressfitting systems.

Raccorderie Metalliche turns 50 years old!

Tenacity, perseverance and foresight have made it possible to achieve the important goal of the RacMet Academy, inaugurated on October 16.

The expansion of the UNIKO RANGE

he UNIKO range is enriched with the aesPRES UNIKO series, the copper pressfitting system developed to guarantee corrosion resistance and high hygiene.

25 years of Pressfitting

2024 is the 25th anniversary of Pressfitting, the most efficient and effective way to build a system.

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