25 years of pressfitting: ready for BIM!Download the app for free with the BIM models of Raccorderie Metalliche



25 years of pressfitting and a new specific project.

Design with great accuracy and work with up-to-date, light and compact BIM content with the free App of Raccorderie Metalliche!

Pressfitting systems are nowadays Raccorderie Metalliche’s core business. We celebrate 25 years of pressfitting. Our first production dates back to 1999.

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To greatly value this important goal, we have developed our BIM (Building Information Modeling) model:
it consists of a practical, flexible, innovative, highly professional technology aimed to determine plants for our pressfitting systems.

Design piping systems easily and fast!

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Even if you work with Magicad or Stabicad it is possible to use our plugin!

The Raccorderie Metalliche app is a plug-in that is downloaded to the Revit environment, and it can therefore be used worldwide, without the need for additional modelling software. Even designers who use MagiCAD in a Revit environment can download and use the Raccorderie Metalliche application. If a MagiCAD user works on a project in Revit, they can easily download the Raccorderie Metalliche App and add it to their Revit tape, while working with MagiCAD.

Designers using StabiCAD in Revit environment can work with the Revit Raccorderie Metalliche App. They can also take advantage of the PLS files [Product Line Sheets, PLS files that are inside the StabiCAD software] with the Raccorderie Metalliche product lines that are made available in the software.


The Revit versions supported for the Product Line Placer in the Raccorderie Metalliche app are 2024, 2023, 2022 and 2021.
In accordance with Autodesk rules:  Autodesk Account Basics | Previous Product Versions | Available Versions 

Tutorial BIM

Design the systems to press quickly and easily
Configure and insert specific pipe fittings, valves and fittings Raccorderie Metalliche in your Revit project, available 100% and ready to order. And all directly from within your project.

Content updated and suitable for your country
Use only updated and localized metal fittings. The integrated MEPcontent Browser library covers a wide range of items ready for use in the BIM process.

More accurate modelling with autorouting
It designs a complete metal fittings system through the autorouting function with extreme precision. T-fittings, curves, joints, reductions and other fittings are automatically inserted while drawing, depending on the desired routing preferences. In addition, when adjusting a plant size (e.g. diameter), the specific properties (e.g. item number) are also automatically changed.

Perform advanced connections
Do you want to quickly adjust the most complex connections? The App shows the best solutions available based on truly existing fittings. It is no longer necessary to use custom fittings provided by native Revit.

Draw hoses in half the time
Revit hoses are no longer a problem. It easily designs hose plants with special curves that allow you to draw in all directions, even with a top view, without slowing down the project.

Default schedules
Create Revit schedules with all relevant data such as dimensions, manufacturer data and item numbers. Predefined schedules included in the app (such as cut lists, pipe fittings, and collapsible pipes) come with the latest product data so that you can order the items directly from within Revit.
Series of products available in the Application:
  • inoxPRES
  • inoxPRES Gas
  • inoxPRES HT
  • inoxPRES Steam
  • steelPRES
  • aesPRES
  • aesPRES Gas
  • marinePRES
  • inoxPRES Uniko
How can the installation of the application change my IT department's strategy?

To answer this important question, we have created a document containing additional information on system requirements, which components are installed (and where), and how application updates work. You do not need administrator rights to install our intuitive Revit apps.
The document is available here: IT support documentation of the MEPcontent application that explains the Revlt plugin funtionality.
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