inoxPRESA reliable, rapid solution with a very good quality-price ratio

inoxPRES / Stainless steel

inoxPRES / Stainless steel

Pressfitting systems
in stainless steel

inoxPRES is the Pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche perfectly matching stainless steel features with the benefits of the pressfitting system.

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inoxPRES / Stainless steel

inoxPRES material

AISI 316L, 304L, 444 stainless steel.

Fittings in 316L stainless steel can be fitted to a wide range of pipes, from 15 to 168 mm diameters, in 316L, 304L and 444 steel. Joints are fitted with an “M-shaped” profile toroidal chamber, optimised thanks to Raccorderie Metalliche experience, where a patented profiled O-Ring is fitted directly at the end of production. The wide range of inoxPRES pipes and pipe fittings are approved by many international certification institutions. Besides the 30 certifications obtained, some apply to the potable water, compressed air, natural gas, service and fire protection water transportation.
inoxPRES / Stainless steel

OVERSIZE, Increasingly greater solutions with our systems.

A new bigger pressfitting range is available in our warehouse, it is the Oversize made of stainless steel AISI 316L, with 139.7 and 168.3 mm diameter.

The Oversize range can be pressed by the specially provided Novopress ACO401/403 machine suitable for special high-pressure applications until dia 168.3 mm.

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With the Oversize range you are in a position to take the opportunity to have a wider choice of business.
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inoxPRES / Stainless steel

Why chose

A reliable and rapid solution with the best possible quality-price ratio.
  • A wide range of fittings and pipes Ø 15 - 168 mm in 316L, 304 and 444 steel.
  • A wide range of reliable the Raccorderie Metalliche patented O-Ring fitting.
  • More than 14,000 square meters warehouse.
  • A wide range of approved pressing machines to be used for the inoxPres system
  • A solution with the best quality-price ratio in terms of products and services
  • 100% Italian know-how.

Where to use

Products and services are developed to solve at best any installation problem and issue, aiming at quality, safety and speed.

Stainless steel is the best solution where water purity and hygiene matter. From potable water plants, water adduction in industrial processes up to clinics where periodically a chemical and thermal disinfection is enforced. inoxPRES by Raccorderie Metalliche  offers the best possible quality of materials and safety guarantee. “Visible” inoxPRES installations provide for a higher degree of hygiene and clearing. O-Rings can be used between -20 and +120°C, maximum pressure 16bar providing for quality and safety as well.
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