Racmet Padel Cup 2023


The RacMet Padel Cup is in its second edition, after last year's debut with a large and heartfelt participation.
The Padel tournament organized by Raccorderie Metalliche was the result of the desire to offer all its collaborators and customers an opportunity to strengthen relationships, make new friends, make new acquaintances, live moments of leisure and fun during a tour dedicated to sport.

The tournament took place at the Beach Stadium of Bagnolo San Vito in the province of Mantua, with also a fresh fruit buffet offered by Ellisio, a start-up born for the online sale of premium fruits and vegetables, and by the presence of the staff of the Laboratorio-LaCucina Restaurants, preparing lunch for the players and spectators of the tournament.
Guido Ceccardi - Vice President of Raccorderie Metalliche
For us it is an important day, because we wanted to repeat the November event with this second padel tournament.
We are very happy, because membership is important.
We have 20 clients out of 32 participants.
In our opinion, it is an important event, because relationships are increasingly integral moments in our world of work.Beyond products, quality and service, I believe that maintaining relationships of this kind is still a value to the benefit of our customers.

Alberto Stancari - Founder Ellisio
I am pleased to be present both as a player and on behalf of Ellisio, as a supplier of a fruit and vegetable buffet.
The day was wonderful and the event was really well organized.

Matteo Cressoni - Professional Pilot
It's a great pleasure for me to be here today taking part in this well-organized padel sports tournament.
Thanks to Raccorderie Metalliche, allowing us to spend a day together having fun, but always in a competitive way.

Alessandro Schiavon - Owner Grand Hotel San Lorenzo
Beautiful day of sports. Thank you very much to Raccorderie Metalliche for this day and thanks to Guido Ceccardi. I'm having so much fun!
Andrea Setti - Area Manager SVAI
It's nice to be back here after the first experience last autumn. Beautiful people, beautiful context here in Mantua and so much enthusiasm for this second edition.
I'm back with even more participants than the first one, so I'm happy to be here again.

Claudio Peroni - A manager of Energenius
Thank you for the invitation. We are very happy to attend this beautiful event. Party day and then we will do our best to participate in the party.
Massimiliano Sartori - Idromax Installer
We are happy to have been involved in this event by Raccorderie Metalliche. A beautiful day of sports, enthusiasm, happiness and collaboration.
Andrea Vellini - Sole director of Viagest
Thank you very much to everyone for the beautiful day, it was a very nice event. When you have a friend who calls you, like Guido, it's a huge pleasure. Now there is also the padel that unites us, so even more an aggregating event.
Thanks to all the participants and to Guido in the first place.

Luca Zamboni - Owner Restaurants LaCucina and Laboratorio
As usual we are here, now it is a habit. Very happy as always, beautiful environment and a lot of quality and friendship. These are things we always do with great joy.
Andrea Belfiori Fanti - Founder Siglacom
Fantastic paddle day with friends and new acquaintances. RacMet Padel Cup a guarantee!
Isabella Lodi Rizzini - Head of Marketing Raccorderie Metalliche
Today we are here at Beach Stadium for the second RacMet Padel tournament. We are together with our colleagues, friends, customers and suppliers.
Raccorderie Metalliche always believed in and supported the values of sport as a team spirit.
Siglacom - Internet Partner