RacMet Exclusive


After a long wait, finally, it was possible to organize an evening so important for Raccorderie Metalliche.
An exclusive event designed by Raccorderie Metalliche to share its successes with customers setting the company from Mantua as one of the leading manufacturers in the international Pressfitting sector.
For the occasion, an exclusive location was chosen, to make the event even more memorable.
More than 150 national and international customers, the closest collaborators and the commercial network of Metal Fittings were present at the Radio Roof Top Bar in Milan.
A big thank you to all those who took part to it.
Pier Luigi Ceccardi - Chairman Raccorderie Metalliche
A warm thank you to our customers. Our success strictly depends on them.
Guido Ceccardi - Vice President Raccorderie Metalliche
We finally managed to organise the event. At the fourth attempt and lucky for us, it was a real successful. The first initiative was forecast for March 2020. We all know what a difficult time it was. Then it was moved to September 2020, then rescheduled for March 2022 and then the Exhibition organisation moved the Exhibition to June. We finally profited from the opportunity, and we managed to meet our top customers and most important partners.
Customers are the real value that every company should have and therefore the possibility to always have them close and to pay them even more attention it is a fundamental step for every company to follow.
This event then, when initially scheduled, was aiming at celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company opening. Unfortunately, at the time it was cancelled. And today, on June 9th, 2022 we celebrate our 52nd anniversary. We hope to continue like this.

Antonella Ceccardi - Head of International Procurement Raccorderie Metalliche
We are here tonight to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Raccorderie Metalliche, an event we had planned 2 years ago, which due to COVID was cancelled several times, but tonight we finally made it.
Isabella Lodi Rizzini - Marketing Manager Raccorderie Metalliche
We finally managed to organise the event after two years of waiting. An event primarily designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Raccorderie Metalliche. We're actually celebrating our 52nd birthday tonight. An important result of a company set up in 1970 in a small shed in Levata, and today a leader in the production of pressfit systems. An event consecrated to our best customers, both nationally and internationally and to the entire commercial network present from all over the world,
Tonight, we are in Milan in an innovative, prestigious, exclusive location, at Radio Roof Top, profiting from a unique view of the Milan skyline. There is an engaging atmosphere, you breathe international air, the guests are over 150 from all over the world and it is an opportunity to recall the different stages of our growth, while celebrating the past, live and share the present and plan the future together.
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