RacMet Day 16 october 2021 - Happy Birthday Academy!

A day dedicated to the celebration of the first year of the RacMet Academy together with all the Raccorderie Metalliche employees and their families.
Pier Luigi Ceccardi - Chairman Raccorderie Metalliche
Today is the first year of life of our Academy and we thought about inviting our employees with their families also to create a climate of cohesion between us, of collaboration, which already exists but we want to strengthen it. So, there was no better chance than this birthday. Today more than 200 people came and therefore it means a great attachment on the part of our employees to the company. I live it with great satisfaction.
Guido Ceccardi - Vice-Chairman Raccorderie Metalliche
Today we wanted to repeat what we did in reduced form last year when we opened the Academy which, for health reasons, was in reduced form. Today the reception and the presence were consistent because more than 200 people came to visit us this morning.
We wanted to reopen the doors to those who had already come last year, but also to those who had not had the opportunity precisely for these reasons. Therefore, today is another day of satisfaction that we had the pleasure of sharing with our closest employees.

Antonella Ceccardi - Head of International Procurement
The response we had was very positive and this makes us think that they are happy to be part of this great family, but we are certainly more so.
Seeing them coming with a smile makes you understand that you are working well and above all maybe you are in the right direction.
The relationship with them is fundamental and even more the relationship with the person.
People are very important, and their collaboration is essential to be able to reach goals and to be able to face also new challenges.
Meeting them, meeting them with their families certainly makes us feel more united, it makes us break down that barrier that generally exists during the week on the working day, so we live it with more carefree precisely with that desire for conviviality, to be together and to know each other more personally than only in the workplace.
These are the days that I appreciate the most, that I am happy to live to convey the family feeling.

Carlo Alberto Malatesta - Mayor Municipality of Marcaria
It is always an honour and a pleasure to come here to Raccorderie Metalliche because it is a real company. It gives prestige to our territory, and it involves the visitors because it makes it possible to touch what work is as well as true entrepreneurship and therefore, I think it is advisable for everyone to come over here and see how good they are.
Lorenzo Peruffo - Alderman of the Municipality of Marcaria
I was really impressed by the company's desire to create a common thread between the families of the workers and the company itself. It creates intimacy and mutual trust, so congratulations Raccorderie Metalliche! Keep it up!
Siglacom - Internet Partner