A Day Dedicated to Our Suppliers!

Raccorderie Metalliche wanted to dedicate a special day to its suppliers in order to reinforce the relationship and strong connection that has been established over time.
The supplier-company duo is an inseparable pair, thanks to which companies can plan their activities and future projects. Quality raw materials allows them to produce quality products. Suppliers participate in achieving client satisfaction through their products, availability, and services.
Pier Luigi Ceccardi - President of Raccorderie Metalliche
It was right to dedicate a day to our suppliers, so that they could appreciate what Raccorderie Metalliche is today.
I believe that the supplier-company duo is inseparable. If a company is successful, it’s because it has good suppliers. If a company is able to internationalise, it’s because the products that the supplier provides are high quality and, therefore, produce quality. I believe that it’s a 360° partnership.

Antonella Ceccardi - Head of International Procurement for Raccorderie Metalliche
Today is the first time that Raccorderie Metalliche has hosted an event dedicated to its suppliers. A list was made of the 50 suppliers that are most important to our company.
I believe that this day is a celebration for us, but also of this group of suppliers whom we’ve invited here so that they may see what we’ve achieved, also thanks to them and their collaboration over all these years.

Annamaria Bertazzoni - Head of Purchasing for Raccorderie Metalliche
Today is a very important day for us, for Raccorderie Metalliche, and for our purchasing office, because we have the opportunity to welcome our main suppliers as guests.
This will be an incredibly important moment of exchange and discussion, and certainly a moment in which to thank them for the help and support that they’ve provided throughout 2021 and ask them to remain by our side in 2022 as well.

Guido Ceccardi - Vice President of Raccorderie Metalliche
This day is very important to us because we had the opportunity to meet our main suppliers.
Our suppliers are a strategic and very important element for us because they allow us to schedule and plan the completion of important projects and ensure that our clients remain satisfied. They participate in achieving this result through with their products, availability, and service.
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