Medical visits in the company for the prevention of cardiovascular risks


The centrality of human resources is the main value in which Raccorderie Metalliche believes and it is confirmed by the desire to prevent cardiovascular risks.
Hence the decision to buy a multifunctional ultrasound machine and to perform in-company medical check-ups and thorough examinations for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Thanks to the collaboration with the staff of Cuore Amico, accurate visits and examinations were carried out in the company such as an echo-cardiogram and an ultrasound of the supraortic trunks, to check the health of the heart of all Raccorderie Metalliche collaborators who joined the initiative.
Stefano Passarino - Occupational Physician
It is an initiative that Raccorderie Metalliche undertook precisely for the prevention of cardiovascular risk by taking advantage of the very important purchase, made by President Ceccardi, of the ultrasound machine, a quality device and together with the agreement that was signed with Cuore Amico, there is this possibility to screen the employees, for free, as to check the state of the cardiovascular system through an evaluation of total LDL cholesterol and blood sugar.
In addition, an echocolordoppler of the supraortic trunks is carried out, that is the carotids and an echocardiogram, so it is really a very important initiative.

Pierluigi Ceccardi - President of Raccorderie Metalliche
I was explained the advantages we would have and the decision was immediate, to buy the ultrasound machine. Then there was the question of how to make it work.
Thanks to Cuore Amico we managed to put them together. Dr. Passarino coordinated the whole thing and the result seems clear to me. Even with word of mouth, colleagues say to the other colleagues 'look how appropriate' and we will be busy every Saturday, it seems to me, until January. So it means that our employees appreciated this initiative of ours and I am extremely happy. I am pleased because it means that we are attentive to their needs, but they appreciate what the company does for them.

Luciano Chinaglia - President Cuore Amico
This experience in Raccorderie Metalliche and the opportunity we were given by Cavalier Ceccardi is a moment of resumption of activities after the pandemic that devastated the world.
We are screening all the employees who want to be screened; there is no imposition of any kind.
We do this because we have a plan. The project is to, not only go to companies, but go for example to schools, where there are youth, sports and aggregation centres. How? Through a mobile outpatient clinic that we call an equipped camper.
It is a project and a dream that, however, needs a clear support. In my mind, I thought: there is a need for hope!
Good! I believe that today we can say that we started the journey of Hope, that is, manage to buy the campervan to equip it and do what we said: prevention!
Raccorderie Metalliche was for us the first example of this hope.
My heartfelt thanks to the Raccorderie Metalliche for what it allowed and will allow us to have our motorhome equipped.
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