Health and prevention in the company


Raccorderie Metalliche has always had the health of its employees at heart and the latest gesture to show this is the purchase of a multifunctional ultrasound scanner.
Luciano Chinaglia - Chairman of Cuore Amico
Cavalier Ceccardi, the Chairman of Raccorderie Metalliche was the first supporting this screening activity right within the company.
We are today at the conclusion of the first experience that was unique and marvellous, because there was correct environment to be looked for everywhere, that is, where prevention can be done.

Pier Luigi Ceccardi - Chairman of Raccorderie Metalliche
Raccorderie Metalliche always recognized the importance of human resources as the success of every company depends on people who work there and their professional contribution in a framework of mutual trust, thanks to the collaboration and skills of the Association Cuore Amico in Mantua and the factory doctor Dr. Stefano Passarino, to whom we really grateful for his support.
Stefano Passarino - Occupational Physician
The Chairman purchased this ultrasound on the advice of Dr. Bonazzi. It is an ultrasound that allows to carry out a secondary prevention: with the ultrasound of the supra-ortic trunks, that is, of the carotids, it is possible to see the state of the arteries.
It allows to identify if there is a deposit of cholesterol clearly leading to severe health problems. And then it allows to do an echocardiogram, an ultrasound of the heart, to see if the heart is in good health. Thus identifying these diseases at an early stage, it will be possible to control them.

Pier Luigi Ceccardi - Chairman of Raccorderie Metalliche
Today it is a starting point for what we want to do for our employees. We want to make our factory more and more attractive, more and more comfortable, in such a way as to dispel the old saying that the factory was ugly, dirty and noisy. This is a modern factory, very clean, very efficient, which thinks above all about the health of its employees. Today's demonstration means this: prevent and treat our employees in advance, free of charge, on a voluntary basis.
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