The renovation of a historic building has required the pressfitting by Raccorderie Metalliche


MUSEUM - Historical building used as a museum
Italy, Reggio Emilia
Heating system
Cooling system
Drinking water system
Product ranges used and material used
inoxPRES, steelPRES - Stainless steel, Carbon steel
Raccorderie Metalliche has supplied its products for the renovation of a historic building, from the second half of the sixteenth century, used as a museum in Reggio Emilia. A palace where the arts are promoted visits through exhibition and cultural activities, where intercultural confrontation and contaminations with different knowledge are privileged.

The stainless steel and carbon ranges by Raccorderie Metalliche, used for the construction of heating, cooling and drinking water systems, were the ideal solution as they do not require particularly complex installation procedures and are suitable for being mounted in tight places.
It reduces construction times and it is safe: the joint is made at room temperature, it does not require glues, resins or open flames allowing the installer to work safely even in contact with flammable materials or substances.
Pressing also takes from 5 seconds for small diameters to 40 for the larger diameter, thus significantly reducing installation times.
Another important aspect is that once the fittings are pressed they immediately reach their stability: once the last fitting is pressed the system can be tested, thus avoiding costs and dead times. The pressfitting systems by Raccorderie Metalliche guarantee efficiency, reliability and safety over time.

The advantages of the solution proposed by Raccorderie Metalliche were:
  • possibility of installing the pressfitting systems in confined spaces, ensuring efficiency, reliability and safety in the long term.
  • compliance with European and international regulations governing water hygiene.
  • reduced installation times.
  • reduced labour costs compared to traditional welding fittings that require skilled welding labour
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