Sports Centre in Estonia, Raccorderie Metalliche products from the steelPRES carbon steel range were installed for the heating plant


SPORTS CENTRES - Sports Centre
Estonia, Tallinn
Product ranges used and material used
steelPRESS - Carbon steel
The carbon steel steelPRES range was used by Raccorderie Metalliche to build a heating plant at a major sports centre in Tallinn, Estonia. 
The sports centre has 14 indoor tennis courts, 6 outdoor tennis courts, 10 badminton courts, 4 group training areas, a large gym and many other areas for visitors and staff. The centre, as well as the spacious gym, are equipped with a highly efficient ventilation system.

Raccorderie Metalliche's press-fit systems made it possible to install the plant in a third of the time compared to traditional methods, while guaranteeing very high quality and a long service life. 
The advantages of Raccorderie Metalliche's solution are: simplicity, speed and safety:
  • high quality and long-lasting systems for the heating system.
  • The speed means that installation time can be reduced by up to 60% when compared to traditional methods.
  • Safety is ensured by the absence of fire hazards and by maintaining a clean and orderly working environment, even in confined space conditions.
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