Raccorderie Metalliche: functionality is our strong subject!


Decontextualization of pressfitting systems, as to their normal use.

Imagine objects you use every day and decontextualize their intended use or utilization. After that imagine to be in one of the most picturesque towns in the world, symbol of technology, art and beauty.

Raccorderie Metalliche did it! 

Raccorderie Metalliche pressfitting systems visited some of the most iconographic places in Paris.

This has resulted in beauty and creativeness which are not only an end in themselves, but also achieve an aim! 

Raccorderie Metalliche steel fittings hold all this, they are user-friendly objects created and produced by using metal.

Gustave Eiffel however designed its Towel this way! 

Watch the video and the pictures taken during our trip to the capital of France.
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