pressfitting systems in an urban area of Milan


RESIDENTIAL CENTERS - Urban area in the outskirts of Milan
Italy, Milan
Heating system
Cooling system
Drinking water system
Product ranges used and material used
inoxPRES, steelPRES - Stainless steel, Carbon steel

Raccorderie Metalliche's pressfittings systems were used for the construction of heating, cooling and drinking water systems in an urban area on the outskirts of Milan. A cutting-edge area, studied on the needs of the people, that promotes a perfect balance between life and work. An area that mixes spaces dedicated to offices, homes with open spaces with a unique, positive and relaxed atmosphere to promote networking.

Raccorderie Metalliche supplied its products, inoxPRES and steelPRES, to guarantee high performance, quality and safety over time.

The use of inoxPRES made it possible to meet the most stringent European regulations for the safety of drinking water systems. steelPRES, on the other hand, is the Pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche in carbon steel developed for all closed-loop applications where the use of stainless steel is not necessary, which is a valid economic alternative.

The advantages of the solution proposed by Raccorderie Metalliche were:

  • high performance, quality and safety over time. inoxPRES meets the most stringent European regulations for safety in drinking water systems.
  • time savings in the installation phase compared to traditional systems built with weld fittings.
  • labour cost savings due to the reduced installation times of the system
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