Barrack in Lombardy


PUBLIC ENTITIES - Barrack in Lombardy
Italy, Lombardy
Heating system
Cooling system
Drinking water system
Product ranges used and material used
inoxPRES, steelPRES - Stainless steel, Carbon steel
Raccorderie Metalliche products were used for the construction of heating, cooling and drinking water systems at the barracks in Lombardy. An area that has been completely renovated with new facilities. For the construction of the systems, first quality systems were needed, which were quick to assemble and which guaranteed their durability over time.

Raccorderie Metalliche supplied its products, inoxPRES and steelPRES, thus allowing the assembly of the system taking a third of the time compared to the use of welding fittings, while guaranteeing a very high quality and a long life over the years. In this way, it was not necessary to look for personnel specialised in the welding process.

The advantages of the solution proposed by Raccorderie Metalliche were:
  • assembly speed that made it possible to assemble the system in a third of the time compared to the systems that make use of welding fittings.
  • high quality and long life of the systems.
  • compliance with European regulations for the hygiene of drinking water 
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