How to install the Pressfittings 12-35 and 42-54 mm


Raccorderie Metalliche provides a full range of pressfittings, made in italy, with a diameter between 12 and 168 mm. All the Raccorderie Metalliche’s pressfitting systems feature joints, pipes and tools. 

Raccorderie Metalliche Pressfitting systems stand for simplicity, speed and security.
Simplicity is inherent in the system’s characteristics: cut, insert and press, no flame, no licence needed.
Speed of installation makes it possible to reduce labour time by up to 60% and high safety levels compared to traditional systems.
Security is provided by the absence of fire risks and by maintaining a clean working environment, even in a restricted work-ing space.

See the tutorial on how to install the Pressfittings 12-35 and 42-54 mm.​

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