Great attendance to the conference: La Bellezza nella relazione d'aiuto


Great attendance to the conference: La Bellezza nella relazione d'aiuto
Raccorderie Metalliche hosted at the Academy the conference La Bellezza nella relazione d’aiuto, an event promoted as part of the Beauty Festival, Be Beauty Biennale 2023.

The conference was attended by Dr. Massimo Busani, head of breast unit at the Carlo Poma hospital in Mantua, Dr. Paola Aleotti, psych-oncologist at the Oncological Institute of Mantua and Elisa Flavi, Case Manager Breast Unit of the Carlo Poma hospital.

The IOM President Attilio Anserini and many volunteers from local associations committed to helping people affected by oncological diseases took part to the conference and brought their testimony.

The witnessing of the professionals of the Scuola ArteMassaggio di Pilastro brought attention to issues related both to the aesthetic aspect and to the psychological aspect of people affected by serious illness.

Women affected by breast cancer often experience states of anxiety and shame, as well as fear of being judged superficial when they dedicate themselves to their aesthetic appearance.  

The press and local TV gave great prominence to the event which ended with deep interest and participation from all the public present.

Raccorderie Metalliche proved once more on this occasion great attachment to the institutions and realities of the territory and the desire to enhance activities aimed at caring for and safeguarding the well-being of people
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