Welcome to Raccorderie Metalliche!


Being able to welcome our customers, and even those who are not, in our company to make the world of Raccorderie Metalliche known and touched makes us proud. 

For an adequate, comfortable welcome in line with our values, our Academy is the desired place, designed and built to offer the best to our visitors.  
We welcome to the Academy our customers, our partners, our suppliers, installers and those who still do not use the Raccorderie Metaliche products, but who want to know our reality, see closely how we work and how our products are made.

The visits allow us to present our organization and our products through educational and emotional activities that make our guests live a concrete experience.
Welcoming visitors to our Academy also allows us to establish direct contact, to immediately transfer our world of values and expertise.

We pay the utmost attention and care to our visitors, so they are immediately secured, while allowing them to move safely within our departments.
When visitors enter the company they are provided with yellow reflective bibs, to facilitate their recognition, as well as disposable footwear and toes.
The signs installed guide the route and accompany the welcome visitors, safely, on the tour in the company.

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