Telling the history of pressfitting systems across the magic of Vintage Autos and Motorbikes.


Raccorderie Metalliche, in collaboration with Ditta Bertani, shall meet over 70 installers at the Ruote Da Sogno showroom of Reggio Emilia.

Engines turn on with a roar, and then depart for a journey that started from 1970 onwards.
This is how Raccorderie Metalliche recounts its own history among the over 1,000 vintage motorbikes and autos arranged over a surface area of 6,000 sq. m.
The over 70 stand sintallers, were able to undergo an all-around experience enlivened by a sole fuel: passion for one’s work. Among the novelties presented were the pressfitting systems, as well as the legends of the experts and enthusiasts of vintage autos and motorbikes.   
“Ruote Da Sogno,” the showroom of Reggio Emilia, hosts in a permanent way a collection in continual development of unique items perfectly kept and restored, up to the more limited and exclusive series. An internal workshop takes care of it and maintains the perfect motor efficiency and original esthetic features.
Raccorderie Metalliche is increasingly oriented towards communicating its own values through events that focus on its own clients, and our clients’ clients.
The objective is to build ever stronger relationships, involving people through these types of experiences.

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