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Raccorderie Metalliche and compressed air plants

Applications > Raccorderie Metalliche and compressed air plants Raccorderie Metalliche and compressed air plants Compressed air means atmospheric air reduced in volume through a reciprocating compressor or pump, placed under pressure in a tank. Compressed [...]

production of press-fitting systems for plumbing and sanitation sector, Civil

Thanks to its experience and wide offer, the company covers the great majority of the applications in the civil sector:  potable water, cooling, gas, compressed air and drains. ... Certified systems all over the world.

Pressfitting systems in carbon steel, steelPRES / Carbon steel

The range of steelPRES pipes and fittings is approved by many certified international institutions. 9 certifications, obtained by RM on the steelPRES product, confirm quality and reliability for applications such as heating, cooling, compressed air and fire protection. ... The use of steelPRES by Raccorderie Metalliche is suitable to make civil and [...]

stainless steel and carbon steel welding and threading joints, Welding and threaded fittings

Such fittings are generally used in hydro-sanitary pressure plants in the civil sector, heating and cooling plants, compressed air distribution, technical gas and industrial plants in general. ... Being extremely corrosion-proof, the products are widely used in industrial plants under pressure, water treatment plants, [...]

Pressfitting systems in stainless steel, inoxPRES / Stainless steel

Products > Pressfittings > inoxPRES / Stainless steel inoxPRES / Stainless steel Pressfitting systems in stainless steel inoxPRES is the Pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche perfectly matching stainless steel features with the benefits of the pressfitting system. inoxPRES material AISI 316L, 304, 444 stainless steel. ... Besides the [...]

Raccorderie Metalliche and thermal solar plants

At the civil and industrial level as well where processes and processing  can lead to aggressive and corrosive environments, such a material turns out to be the most suitable solution. ... Read More marinePRES marinePRES system consists of pipes, fittings, tooling and installation materials. 5 certifications, obtained by RM on the marinePRES product, [...]

pressfitting systems, Pressfittings

Pressfitting is a unique method to make installations inside different sectors, civil and industrial as well. ... At the industrial level, Pressfitting is suitable for compressed air, cooling/heating, process water and fire-fighting systems.

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