Raccorderie Metalliche wins the Best Stand of 2019


At the Installatie Handenberg trade fair students involved chose Raccorderie Metalliche as the most innovative company which exhibited products in a more complete and engaging way.

The prize was awarded to Raccorderie Metalliche by the students of the College Tour (an initiative of an organization called OTIB) which represents technical colleges for a total of 60 schools.

The students had to answer a number of questions in order to choose which company to reward.
The most significant question concerning the company was: "What makes Raccorderie Metalliche's press systems unique compared to other brands?"The component identified in most of the answers was the O-ring.

Some of the student comments on Raccorderie Metalliche that have emerged are:
  • The product is in its field the most innovative of all thanks to the constant research and development work carried out by the company;
  • The presentation was very clear and understandable;
  • The staff at the fair was able to convey passion and competence
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