Pressfitting systems in an important Business Hotel in Milan


HOTELS - Internationally established hotel chain
Italy, Milan
Heating system
Cooling system
Drinking water system
Product ranges used and material used
inoxPRES, steelPRES - Stainless steel, Carbon steel
steelPRES and inoxPRES were the solutions adopted by Raccorderie Metalliche for the construction of the heating, cooling and drinking water systems of an important Business Hotel in elegant Milan, in a strategic position near the new Central District.

The steelPRES range was used for heating and cooling, while inoxPRES was used for drinking water as stainless steel is a particularly suitable material to preserve the natural qualities of water purity. The inoxPRES range of Raccorderie Metalliche meets, in fact, all the strictest standards in force regarding hygiene for drinking water.
The pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche is the most efficient and effective way to make a system: it is fast, safe and reliable. 

The advantages of the solution proposed by Raccorderie Metalliche were:
  • guarantee of hygiene and respect for the natural quality of water thanks to stainless steel systems.
  • compliance with the hygiene rules in force for drinking water.
  • reduced installation times of the systems.
  • containment of labour costs compared to traditional welding systems.
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