Official opening of the RacMet Academy

On October 16, 2020, the official opening of the RacMet Academy took place in the presence of the authorities, suppliers and employees who were personally involved in the implementation of this important project. The new RacMet Academy is the result of the importance given to professional growth and the training of installers and employees; a place therefore optimized for holding meetings and conventions with the support of the best technologies. There is no shortage of an area dedicated to welcoming customers and collaborators, taken care of in every detail to offer the best hospitality.
Pier Luigi Ceccardi - President Raccorderie Metalliche
I would never expect to reach the 50th anniversary of my company. I saw it start up, I see it in perfect shape, and after 50 years this makes me fully happy. It is something I feel inside, that I can’t transmit, explain but it is a great satisfaction.
I think about who has taken part to this success, the families of our employees, my strict staff, my family, I thank them all.

Guido Ceccardi - Vice President Raccorderie Metalliche
Today we finally inaugurate this Academy, a work, a project born in November 2019 and interrupted because of the virus. Today we expect the Academy to represent a path to the future, which is not only represented by a product, but also communication, and especially knowledge and training.
The Academy is to us a vision of the excellence to be taken around the world. We see it as a big opportunity for the future to be shared with our customers.

Antonella Ceccardi - Import Manager Raccorderie Metalliche
The last two years have been very intensive, where especially Guido has given his maximum commitment for this Academy and this is our new business card for which we are extremely proud.
Mayor of Marcaria
Today is a very special day for the company, but for the whole community as well. I am very glad to take part to this inauguration because we add a further point of excellence in our territory.
Raccorderie Metalliche with its Academy becomes a sort of centre of the world because eventually it won’t be Marcaria to look at the world, but the world to look at Marcaria.
Siglacom - Internet Partner