Heating, sanitary water and compressed air systems made with the products Raccorderie Metalliche

Sunny soils with a mild and mild climate all year round, centuries-old olive groves and large stone millstones to obtain an oil of the highest quality and typicality.
Raccorderie Metalliche products installed at an important oil factory in Liguria, near Imperia, where the cultivation of the renowned Taggiasca olive is typical; the farm extends over 150 cultivated hectares.

The steelPRES range was used for heating, instead inoxPRES was used for sanitary water and compressed air since stainless steel is a material that combines the properties of the material with the advantages of the pressing system. Stainless steel is the best choice where water purity and hygiene are fundamental conditions.  
Pressing systems are fast and practical to install, guaranteeing quality and reliability over time.
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