Even international catering chooses the pressfitting systems by Raccorderie Metalliche


CATERING - Global catering chain
UK, London
Heating system
Cooling system
Drinking water system
Product ranges used and material used
inoxPRES, steelPRES - Stainless steel, Carbon steel
Raccorderie Metalliche products were used for the construction of heating, cooling and drinking water systems at a major catering chain located in London and spread globally.  A reality based on Italian food and Italian living, born to prove that the high quality of Italian food and wine is within reach of everyone.

The inoxPRES and steelPRES ranges allow to provide for a constant performance quality over time, minimum effort and great speed of execution.
The pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche reduces construction times and it is safe: the joint is made at room temperature, it does not involve glues, resins or open flames allowing the installer to work safely even in contact with flammable materials or substances. 
inoxPRES is the stainless steel system approved by the European regulatory requirements for drinking water.
It is the ideal solution when the economic aspect is as fundamental as the purity of the water.

The advantages of the solution proposed by Raccorderie Metalliche were:
  • high and long-lasting quality of the systems used for heating, cooling and drinking water systems
  • compliance with the strictest European hygiene standards for use in drinking water systems.
  • reduced installation times of the systems to be pressed.
  • lower labour costs compared to traditional welding systems
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