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Certificate of Adoption

Certificate of Adoption
Raccorderie Metalliche works with a view to environmentally friendly growth also through the adoption of specific technologies and production methods that - where operationally and economically sustainable - allow to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

With the signing of the contract with the company Fedabo, the company contributed to the preservation of a Forest Ecosystem! In collaboration with Zero CO2, a green area was redeveloped and will flourish in a lush area near the Oglio river, in Vallecamonica, a few kilometres from Fedabo. FEDABO is one of the first energy consultancy companies operating on the Italian market. Its mission is to help companies make the best choice to achieve substantial savings and rationalise consumption.

In 2023 the project was enriched by also intervening in the active management of wooded areas. This is the wooded area of Gianico (BS), built in the area of Strada dei Tedeschi. Thanks to the support of Raccorderie Metalliche, the work was carried out on an area of 200 square meters.
At the following link you can view the project that Raccorderie Metalliche supported "google earth
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