Action! inoxPRES installed in film studios in Germany!


CINEMA - Film company
Germany, Munich
Cooling and air conditioning systems
Product ranges used and material used
inoxPRES (139-168) - Stainless steel
Raccorderie Metalliche products were used to build heating and cooling systems in film studios in Munich. The installation of the systems had to take place on a flat roof and in particularly small spaces, this made it impossible to perform any type of welding.

Thanks to the ease and simplicity of use of the products of the inoxPRES range by Raccorderie Metalliche, it was possible to create the heating and cooling systems of the structure. The pressfitting systems by Raccorderie Metalliche saved two thirds of the time that would have been needed if welding systems had been used. 
In fact, the installation of the 168 to be welded takes about 45 minutes against the 2 minutes and 21 seconds that the same measure needs for the assembly to be pressed.

inoxPRES is particularly suitable for heating and cooling systems, thanks also to the presence of the EPDM O-Ring with a patented profile, which guarantees a resistance to temperatures between -20 °C and +120 °C and a maximum pressure PN16.

The advantages of the inoxPRES system, OVERSIZE range:
  • exclusion of any type of welding and personnel specialised in the welding process
  • rapid execution times of the plant
  • reduction of labour costs
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