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Pressfitting systems for Nebulisation Installations

RacMet Academy presents: Raccorderie Metalliche pressfitting systems for Nebulisation Installations

Carlo Pugnaghi - District Sales Manager
Today let's talk about nebulization
There are many possible applications that can be made with inoxPRES, among which nebulization.
These installations can be done in waste disposal plants, wood disposals, greenhouses, farms, or outside public buildings to refresh customers in the hot months. All elements are in AISI 316L stainless steel inoxPRES and usually fittings and pipes used are the small diameter ones 12-15 mm.
Why inoxPRES? It is used to avoid possible corrosion when installed in aggressive environments.
In addition to the classic inoxPRES pipes and fittings, Raccorderie Metalliche also supplies two pressfitting nebulizers and five types of nozzles to give the possibility of having as many solutions as possible.
Generally a nozzle covers the surface of one square metre and usually the distribution is installed at heights between 2 and 4 metres but given the adjustability of the nozzles it is possible to push up to 6 metres.
The diameter of the sprayed water drop is defined according to the result to be obtained:
15 microns for fast evaporation and no wetting (ambient cooling)
30/40 microns for a heavier and less wind-prone drop (odour reduction)
50 microns for a compact and humid mist (dust removal)
What are the advantages of the inoxPRES system applied to spraying?
Cooling leads to a quick environmental benefit without wetting the area where it is applied.
Room humidity can be increased to the desired value considering also that the best degree of well-being is obtained with relative humidity at about 60/70%
Beneficial effects on people's breathing organs (in the workplace, just think of waste disposal plants).
Beneficial effects on animals on farms in terms of maintaining thermohygrometric conditions and removing insects.
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