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Pressfitting systems for Compressed Air Installations

RacMet Academy presents: Raccorderie Metalliche pressfitting systems for Compressed Air Installations

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Carlo Pugnaghi – District Sales Manager
Let's talk compressed air.
There are many possible applications that can be made with inoxPRES, among which the compressed air.
These types of installations can be installed in mechanical workshops, plant automation, decompression chambers, robotics, spray varnishing, sandblasting and many other applications. The parts are all in AISI 316L pressfitting stainless steel inoxPRES and galvanized pressfitting system steelPRES.
The inoxPRES range is the most suitable to carry compressed air, being made for both connections and pipes, in stainless steel, a “clean” material, very resistant to corrosive processes and mechanically highly efficient.
Choosing the inoxPRES range is particularly recommended when the quality of air is an important requirement for mains-connected equipment. In such cases it is recommended to use pipes in AISI 316L or AISI 304 stainless steel. Pressfitting systems are only suitable for industrial uses while medical applications are excluded. The steelPRES system can also be used with the adequate preliminary analyses depending on the type of application and installation environment.
Depending on the residual oil present in the compressed air lines, it will be necessary to check that the EPDM O-Ring is suitable, or if necessary, replace it with the FKM O-Ring. For example, for compressed air in class 5, with an oil content that is higher than 5 MG/M3, it is recommended to use the FMK O-Ring, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons.
Installations with inoxPRES are suitable for carrying nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. The operating pressure of the compressed air systems ranges from a minimum of -0.95 to a maximum of 16 BAR, with the possibility of using all diameters from 15 to 108.
What are the advantages of inoxPRES applied to compressed air?
The advantages of inoxPRES are countless starting from its simple, practical, and convenient assembling.
Quick installation with reduction of labour hours. The system is guaranteed and there is no need for specialized staff. The same system is a
guarantee of safety as there is no use of flames.
Other clear advantages compared to traditional systems are, for example, plastic and galvanized steel pipes, which have been used in the sector for years, but they could cost more than expected. The galvanized tube corrodes inside without the possibility of
surveillance and intervention. The greater thickness, with the same external diameter, reduces the internal section resulting in an increase in the pressure drop. In addition, plastic pipes, if not properly fixed, tend to flex creating condensing areas.
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