RacMet Lab Presentation

Raccorderie Metalliche presents: the Lab

Isabella Lodi Rizzini - Marketing Manager Raccorderie Metalliche
Welcome to the Academy of Raccorderie Metalliche, we are proud to present and showcase this  new training school.
It is located within the RacMet Lab which is the hub, the centre of the entire Academy.
A training school that was built next to the main office on an area covering 5,000 square meters, of which 1,500 dedicated to the Academy alone.
RacMet Academy represents the consistent growth of the company and the importance given to training: for our employees, for our customers, for our customers' customers, for our installers, for our designers but based on a consistent cooperation with Universities and Schools.
RacMet Academy is developed on two levels: in fact, it consists of different areas. Every area, every classroom, every space was designed and cared for in detail to express and transfer the values and corporate identity. There are areas dedicated to training, areas dedicated to meetings and also a grand classroom to accommodate over 150 people.
There is also a large reception and lounge area to welcome our customers, our guests and also an important technical laboratory.
The technical laboratory, the RacMet Lab, is the hub, the centre of the entire Academy.
The RacMet Lab is characterized by a long wall, 17 meters long, dividing the room into two parts: on the one hand the story of Raccorderie Metalliche is told, then all the main stages of the development and growth of the company from 1970 to today are covered.
On the other hand, the most technical aspects, more related to the product, are reported, keeping our core business focus, our pressing systems.
This space is represented by a series of niches, boxes dressed in graphics and a specific setting to explain the various applications with our pressing systems.
It was designed to create real settings, similar to real applications, thus giving a strong aesthetic impact but maintaining the ultimate goal: explain the use of our press fitting systems. There are settings for every type of application and environments for the civil, industrial, and naval sectors. The great peculiarity  of these niches is that they are also partly functional, so the user, the visitor and the guest can also interact with
them, with our products and with the application itself.
For example, there is a niche dedicated to nebulisation that is set in a greenhouse, the drainage niche represented by the bridge of a ship or the niche dedicated to cooling and heating where the living room of a house was recreated.
This technical space is also composed of a series of benches, workstations to allow the visitor-installer to test and test and interact with our products.
The goal of Raccorderie Metalliche and therefore also of the RacMet Academy is to surprise people, to respond to their needs, to their expectations, but above all to establish intense, strong, and lasting ties over time.
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