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Information for the processing of personal data

Information in compliance with art. 13 of the Law Decree 196/03 and of the EU GDPR 2016/679 as for the protection in case of processing of personal data

In compliance with any obligation depending on the national regulations (Law decree n. 196, June 30, 2002, Privacy protection code) and the community regulation (GDPR n. 679/2016), and following amendments, the present website complies and protects its visitor and user privacy and confidentiality, making any possible and proportional effort not to violate its user rights.
The present information only applies to online activities on the present website and applies to any visitor/user. It does not apply to information collected through channels different from the present website. The present information intends to provide for the highest possible transparency as for information the website collects and how it profits from it.

The data controller is the company Raccorderie Metalliche S.p.A., whose registered office is in Campitello di Marcaria (MN), Strada Sabbionetana, 59, by its legal pro tempore representative.

For organisation and functional requirements, your personal data will be transferred to third parties who we avail of to manage your contract. Such subjects are accurately selected and they provide for a suitable guarantee in the respect of the personal data processing. Such subjects carry out their activities according to the instructions provided by the data controller and under its control.
These third parties belong to the following categories:
- internet service provider; companies specialised in IT and telematics services; developers and people liable for the website maintenance.
You can be provided their name and references by the data controller.
As any website, the present site profits from log files where information automatically collected is stored during the user surfing. The collected information can be:
- internet protocol address (IP);
- browser type and parameters of the device used for the website connection;
- internet service provider (ISP) name;
- visit date and time;
web page the visitor comes from (referral) and leaves;
- possibly the click number.
The processing of personal data aims at:
- providing the required service;
- checking the correct website operation;
- interrupting any attempt to damage the website or the other users or anyhow any dangerous or criminal activities.
The processing juridical foundation is the user consent.
The processing will be manual or automated in compliance with what forecast by art. 32 of the  GDPR 2016/679  in terms of safety measures, by duly authorised subjects and in compliance with what forecast by art. 29 of the GDPR 2016/679.
What is more in compliance with the lawfulness, limitation of goals and reduction of data to the bare minimum, in compliance with art. 5 of the GDPR 2016/679, your personal data will be stored for the required time period to reach the goals which they were collected and processed for.
The data is generally processed by the company registered office, Strada Sabbionetana, 59 - 46010 Campitello di Marcaria (MN) and by the data center of the web Hosting.
Cookies are small text files downloaded onto the user device when you visit a website and they allow the website to recognise the user device. They aim for example at allowing a more efficient page surfing, at remembering the favourite websites and in general at improving the surfing experience.
According to the use functions and goals, the cookies can be identified as technical cookies, profiling cookies and third party cookies.
For more information on the cookies used on our website, refer to the specific section.
You are free to provide the requested data to Raccorderie Metalliche S.p.A. Should no data be provided, however, it would be impossible to get what you ask for or the full website function could be compromised.
The collected data is never spread out and it will be not communicated without your direct consent, unless in case of required communications which could lead to data transfer to public authorities, to consultants or other subjects in compliance with the law.
Your personal data, for the above-mentioned goals, could be transferred with member states of the European Union and/or third countries which do not belong to the European Union.
As to comply with the correctness and transparency obligations forecast by art. 13 paragraph 2 and 15 of the EU Regulation n. 679/2016, you are also informed that:
- you are entitled to access your personal data, to adjust or remove it, to limit the data processing, to oppose its processing as well as its portability; 
- you are entitled to cancel your data processing consent any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent provided before its withdrawal;
- you are entitled to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;
- data undergoes an automated decisional process;
- in case the company intends to process the subject collected data for different goals than what defined in the section "Processing goals”, before such last processing, it will provide for the due information for such different goals as well as any other required information.
In the present document, information is freely provided.
Any possible communication and action enforced in compliance with art. from 15 to 22 and 34 of the EU Regulation 679/2016 are free, however should the subject requests be clearly excessive, the data controller can charge a contribution of any management cost born to supply the information and at its discretion, it can refuse to act on such a request.
Raccorderie Metalliche S.p.A., as the data controller reserves itself the right to update the present Privacy Policy any time to comply with the regulations in force and to improve it while implementing suggestions by customers, users and consultants.
Information updated on May 25, 2018

Cookies are small text file which are downloaded to the User device when surfing on a website. Any following visit, the cookies are re-forwarded to the website generating them (first party cookies) or to another website, recognising them (third party cookies). The cookies are useful as they allow the website to recognise the user device. They aim for example at allowing a more efficient page surfing, at remembering the favourite websites and in general at improving the surfing experience. According to the use functions and goals, the cookies can be identified as technical cookies, profiling cookies and third party cookies.

The technical cookies enables functions which allows to better profit from the website surfing.
They support the operation of procedures based on different steps (different subsequent pages, such as a contact request), tracking of the user choice on the website contents to be displayed and functions to be enabled or disabled.
A similar cookie is used to save the user decision to use the cookies on our website.
The essential cookies can’t be disabled using the website functions.
They are to be considered among the technical cookies all the cookies used to statistically analyse the website visits or accesses, called “analytics” which are simply statistical cookies, collecting aggregated information without identifying any single user.
The analytics cookies can be third party cookies as well (Google Analytics): refer to the privacy policy of their owner.

The profiling cookies aim at improving the user experience on the company website, suggesting contents similar to the surfing user preferences, according to the contents displayed and his/her behavioural parameters.
The user can disable the use of the single website cookies through the specific options on its browser.
Thus some functions of the website could be not available.

The website profits from some external functions or holds some external links as to improve the integration with commonly used third party websites or social media (Facebook, Google and similar sharing keys).
Such functions and links could require third party cookies: refer to the single site privacy policy for more information.
It is possible to disable any cookie through the options available on each browser. Hereinafter annexed a few examples of the most frequently used browers.

Internet Explorer
  • Select the tool bar from the menu
  • Click on the Internet options
  • Click on General under the item “Browsing history” and click on “Remove”.

  • Select the tool bar from the menu
  • Click on the Options
  • Click on the tab Privacy
  • Click on “Remove now”
  • Select “Cookies”
  • Click on “Remove personal data now”

Google Chrome
  • Click on the wrench icon on the top on the right of the browser.
  • Click on the Options
  • Click on “Under the Hood”
  • 'Cookie Setting' should be selected. Once done select 'Block all Cookies'
  • Click on "Remove All" to remove all traces of cookies.

  • Select Preferences from the Safari menu (on the top on the right of the browser).
  • In the window that appears, click the Privacy tab (with the shape of a lock).
Under the item “Accept cookies”  click on “Never”.
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