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Pressfitting systems for Steam Installations

RacMet Academy presents: Raccorderie Metalliche pressfitting systems for Steam Installations

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Carlo Pugnaghi - District Sales Manager
Today let's talk about Steam Plants.
There are many possible applications that can be made with inoxPRES and one is saturated steam.
These types of installations can be realized in power plants, in the production of cellulose and paper, in the petrochemical industry, in the food industry, laundry and ironing and pharmaceutical industry.
The parts that are used are all in AISI 316L stainless steel. The line dedicated to saturated steam is called inoxPRES steam.
The pressfitting systems are marked in white or the same colour as the o-rings placed inside the toroidal chamber. This type of elastomer composed of a special and resistant mixture can be used up to 7Bar and at a maximum temperature of 165°.
What are the advantages of inoxPRES steam?
The advantages of inoxPRES steam are countless, starting from the installation, simple, practical and convenient.
Quick installation with reduction of labour hours.
The system is guaranteed by Raccorderie Metalliche, there is no need for specialized staff and the same system is a guarantee of safety as there is no use of flames.
In addition, the inoxPRES steam range is the most suitable for the installation of saturated steam circuits: the pressfitting systems and related pipes are made of stainless steel, a “clean” material, very resistant to corrosion processes and highly-mechanically efficient, without contaminating the fluid. The reduced thickness with a large passage section drastically reduces pressure losses and grants higher flow rates and better performances than traditional systems.
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